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With computers available in each store, whether its for research, homework or keeping in touch with family, E-tel Express is able to offer an internet and email facility.


We offer a complete service, including Black & White and colour copies, Digital printing from disc, Scanning, Binding and Laminating, Collating and Stapling


E-tel Express, a global leader in secure message services, have developed a simple, modern and secure way to transmit telegram messages that retain full legal document status.From instant desktop to personal delivery without the need for local Post Office visits or complicated telephone booking systems.

A telegram is also known as a Cable or a “legal e-letter” and has been a trusted and reliable notification tool for over 100 years.

Network telex operates its own dedicated global network, with dedicated teams of staff that also partnership with many of the world’s largest telecom carriers and Post Office departments for complete instant global coverage.

Communication between your Company and the service is fully email / I.P based, enabling the sending of a normal email to be transferred to the message switch and onwards to Country or City of destination via its global routing platforms.

Message security is paramount, with instant notification of a SENT auto-response that then includes a unique tracking and reference number for every message transmitted and a copy of the accepted and transmitted message to be retained as may be required.

Network Telex Tracing Department  (NTTD) is connected to over 100 Million Database records worldwide ensuring tracing, tracking, confirmation and guaranteed results. Databases are updated daily by a specialized team to ensure clients have the latest information on demand.

E-trace, is a unique customer access platform, that receives the trace data and automatically returns the requested report – including latest residential address, employment address, cell (mobile) phone and all landline recorded data back to our clients.

Network telex carries e-telegram secure messages such as H.R (Human Resource) Departments, Financial institutions and is often bestowed with the important role played in delivering notices and Congratulatory messages that include Kings, Queens, Ministries and Ruling parties across the world.